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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The Name of the Doctor -- "Don't Take This Tardis... A Lot More Fun"

The Name of the Doctor -- "Don't Take This Tardis... A Lot More Fun"

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transmetropolitan: suspicious spider
Steve Moffatt - you bastard!

That was entirely too good and then entirely too cliffhangery

There is also utterly zilch I can say without SPOILERS

(and you know my journal is spoiler-free)

(nine times out of ten)

So, November 23rd 2013 -- argh, that is just cruel

(is this the biggest gap between two parters?)

And I am now going to keep as far away from any Who sites/comms, even with my self-destructy instincts.

[uh, the quote, possibly the only bit of most-best-awesome I can get away with]
  • The Moff is eeeeevil.

    And in an effort to keep your post spoiler free, all I will say is: the final revelation? OMFG. And November is ages away!
    • Yesssssssssssssssssssss.

      Seriously, the waiting is agony already -- even if Dosk has been pulling odd on-set photos for the Big One. The US box set release actually had the last episode on it (i.e. this one) before the air-date. TPTB offered new content in return for no spoilers -- it was a Tennant/Smith interview (that didn't impress Dosk much).

      But now Dosk has design/production schematics for the Tomb, so he's a happy bunny.
      • I heard about the DVD mix up - I wouldn't mind the interview but it isn't exactly a fantastic offer.

        I am looking forward to seeing Ten and Eleven together, but less so for Rose. I wish it was Donna era.
  • sorry a bit off topic, but I found some Chekhov fan art you might enjoy:

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