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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

sleep sounds good, so, of course, i am awake and typing at you...

sleep sounds good, so, of course, i am awake and typing at you...

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nightcrawler: sleeping
Not a lot really went on today.

Various volunteer people were (sick) so it was down to me and ONL running the show.

This was strangely good.

We also had 55 French schoolchildren who mostly behaved. We're getting a similar number of British kids on Thursday and it will be mayhem (or possibly murder). We're under-staffed which means more kids in less groups. Joy.

Head Update: Head/scalp very sore, another lovely headache from making change for a mob of French school-children who don't speak english... While my French is (it seems) too far out to be comprehensible (my accent seems to given up -- it wasn't ever that hot to start with) and answering questions on their work-sheets for them.

Highlight of Work Sheet: Name two foods that gorillas and "Class 6" like to eat.

Class 6 has a little handwritten insertion, turning the sentence to "Most of Class 6".

Mummyfrog is getting her (right) hand operated on tomorrow. It's a trapiznectomy. They're going to put come cuts in and then remove a section of thumb bone (at the wrist end) and then fill up the gap with tendon from somewhere. If it sounds familiar, that is the same as the operation in December 2012 but on the other hand.
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