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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Grrrrr -- LJ New Front End / Interface Thing -- Kill! Xplode! Lasers!

Grrrrr -- LJ New Front End / Interface Thing -- Kill! Xplode! Lasers!

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hugh house
There is a new "front page" for Livejournal, it is ghastly and unhelpful in the extreme.

We get:
* the 25 top posts in very big writing
* with summaries in very big writing
* a list of "top journals" in case you want to know about User X's sock trauma
* a list of "top comms" which is okay with me
* a slide show bar of "top comms" which is not okay with me

We lose:
* the most recent comments in my journal panel -- which is my favourite new-ish feature and very useful and convenient to me!!!! I don't get the comment/response thing at all

I get rather lairy, that and I abuse [h1] tags almost as much as the new "front page"

If enough of us comment on the stupid announcement of this monstrocity:


Then it can rate as the "top comm", "top post" and have the highest "rating"

[I find this very satisfactory]

Failing that, this is my rant -- watch me explode

ETA: just to share the suck, the dilbert feed on lj now isn't a feed, it's a little link for "technical reasons" which seem to be "pay us per click/view if you even want to syndicate the strip and we won't tell you how much it costs but you can bet its corporate and very expensive"
  • I'm with you. I hate this new LJ update. >:( I feel like they are trying to be like FB or Twitter.
    • Can't they get that some of us don't want facebook or twitter, which might explain why we are all hanging around a system/technology that was "wow! shiny!" eight years ago?
      • I concur. Plus all this ranking of bullshit communities, like i care who has the "top LJ"???? wtf? do not care.
        • I didn't mind it when it was a dinky little section... it fulfilled all my stupid celebrity news requirements


          if this idea doesn't cheer you up...

          callum keith rennie playing a russian cowboy vampire

          [seriously the mind boggles
  • I did your bidding, but there are so few comments compared to the usual shit storms. I guess ppl moved to tumblr, where we now get ads as friends posts on our flist, and ads in our private message inbox!

    So LJ seems old school and harmless :
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