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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Major Suck // Marvel Fic-Recs Please

Major Suck // Marvel Fic-Recs Please

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dS manga: ben with wings
I'm currently trying to avoid EVERYTHING. I have a new benefit claim form and they have cut most of the questions which apply to me, videlicet Chronic Pain, Extreme Meds, Mental Health and general Functionality. They don't have a box that fits "tends to go to sleep during day because a) too tired and b) awake hurts" or "has tried five tons of nasty meds" or "how slow my treatment is -- very -- it takes ages to check/test new meds etc since we are talking about 4-6 months each and we've tried about ten" or "what happened last time my meds went wrong".

(depression, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, not functioning as a human being -- and this hurts so much just to say it -- throw in delusion too -- just thinking about it makes me want to cry)

I hate forms. I hate thinking about this thing that controls my life, the drugs that make everything suck and the way it goes to hell pretty much as soon as I start thinking I'm getting better. Getting Normal.


On the "cheer buzzy up" front, there must be Power Man/Iron Fist hookerfic somewhere. Somebody has had to think about it somewhere, I mean, Luke Cage/Danny Rand in hooker-outfits -- what is not to love? Especially with that outfit of yours, Luke, I know it was disco/funking but silk shirts and little golden tiaras? You don't even need to dress up. And Danny, a) your costume is a fangirl's delight and b) you're so very gymnastic, mr "my kung-fu is better".

That said, I keep thinking about slashing Danny Rand and Jean-Paul Beaubier with a touch of Tony Stark matchmaking while Warren Worthington is typically feather-headed.

That is (for non-marvel nuts) Iron Fist (the best kung fu artist in the world) and Northstar (the bitchiest out-and-you-know-it superfast guy) going on a dinner date arranged by Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior, okay) and Archangel (the feather-headed X-Man) coming up from behind. Sounds really good, huh?

Now somebody write it/ find it/ rec it

Actually, I'd take Danny Rand (Iron Fist) slashed with Anyone.
  • Sorry. I've got recs for you in those fandoms, but I do hope you get to feeling better. I read your posts sometimes and just want to reach out and give you a big {{{{{hugs}}}].

    I HATE forms, too. They make me very anxious for some reason. Take care.

  • i must agree. Forms suck. :(
  • I'm paralysed with terror fear anxiety panic and with nobody in the world, neither personal nor professional, only lie around too dazed to do anything but still terrified, so I can really understand how you feel. But at least you did get benefits before, and once you claimed them, you have a little breathing space, so just tick that you can't sleep, that should cover the sleeping during daytime? If they don't have the boxes anymore, just tick whatever could come close and use any text answers to list what you said here as well.
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