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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Mostly cross-stitch

Mostly cross-stitch

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cross stitch: birdy
Uhm, not a lot to report here today.

The Form of Evil is gone. Probably have had last school visit of the year.

ONL has now got a big shiny medal of his own. Cover this with Bettany Hughes* calling him a "living legend" and being on the television and he can't be happier.

Other than that, not a lot going around here.

I have just bought Cat Sew Embroidery Kit - Nancy Nicholson to stitch on holiday - it is retro, kitsch and looks like fun. Basically, it's a printed design that you embelish. This sounds like great fun and I really like this whole thing.

I am currently stitching a biscornu over 1 (for not stitchers, really tiny cross stitches) on 25 count fabric (for non-stitchers, this works out that I am stitching 10 stitches to the centimetre) which makes it really teeny tiny. This is a kit by Riolis -- the insane Russian cross stitch company -- and this makes the instructions really interesting, especially the bit where they didn't say it was over 1 but did explain to put the "soft stuff" in my pincushion and "it is agreeable that your cross stitch face in the same direction". Yeah. *eyeroll* I only figured this out [once I realised when griding and finding myself falling off the end of the fabric (almost)] when I looked very carefully at the tiny "how to cross stitch" diagram. quietly crazy biscornu

p.s. the Russian equivilent of biscornu (french, supposedly, strange shaped object) is Zigouigou.

I think this word should be used at all future juncture.

* tv historian - hot, even if you are not into girls
  • Over 1 on 25 count? You're braver than me. That would leave me cross-eyed.
    • I've managed to get to 28 over one a couple of times.

      [if scrapbook would ever work for me again, I'd show you]

      [from the designer's website: this one but the photograph is horrible beyond belief]

      I have some 40 lying around somewhere (which is 20 over 2) if I can bloody find the stuff again. At sometime, it managed to escape its paper bag. [it says something when I start thinking that 20ct is actually quite big]

      Don't worry, I do most of my stitching in nice proper sensible counts, I just flirt with over-one every so often.
  • Your expert conversation sounds like goobledeegook (zigouigou sounds sensible to me btw) but I really like that cat and am once again illogically drawn to stitching (never having continued with my recent wool stash or other crafts).
    • That sums up my relationship with crewel work. It looks so pretty and nice and tactile, [but the wool shreds, falls to bits, runs out and drives me around the bend], and some how my brain is still drawn in by the pretty, fuzzy texture and the historical design bits...

      (so crewel is cruel and unnatural -- boom! boom!)

      * crewel is a form of embroidery done in thin wool thread, it has a long history(it's called Jacobean embroidery) and it looks nice with interesting features and a distinctive look. If you see anyone pre-victorian embroidering in movies, it's probably crewel (or should be crewel)
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