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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I've been in ostrich mode so far this week(ish). Suffice to say,…

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hugh house
I've been in ostrich mode so far this week(ish).

Suffice to say, nothing much of interest happening here.

Dosk is wrestling with flkr:

[ dive club member -- "why do we need to keep having a website -- everyone's on facebook"]

I suspect nitrogen narcosis related lame brain. Facebook. There are no words. Actually there is one: idiot. Facebook. I have opinions regarding sodding Facebook. Also, the result would probably look like the email-group-list thing -- really stupid and nobody understands "reply to all" or "reply to poster" inflicting inane spam on everybody else.

So, facebook guy, solution: give him the user interaction experience by letting them all flkr their photographs and make the site more "dynamic". Previously, there has been so much user/ club member interaction with the website with many contributions to the photo page -- wait-a-minute nobody posted/emailed/provided any pictures, that I am sure that this whole development will be totally hopping

I don't think the last paragraph made any sense whatsoever, so maybe I should step away from the keyboard.
  • That's exactly what Facebook wants you to do. They want you to centralize everything into their walled garden. nope..nopeity nope. Because if there is ever a DoS attack or FB gets shutdown, so do all the pictures and info. ....do not store all eggs in one basket.
    • 'Zactamonte.

      Pretty much the reason I didn't get on Face Book in the first place - walled garden - I'm never going to buy something I can't see. From what I can tell, it sounds entirely inane and advertisers love it. My breakfast cereal changed packaging "experimentally" but the only way to feedback was to tell them on fb. Seriously? What? All those people who need their "dietary fibre" and aren't online can't say that they prefer their wheat-based--cereal-bricks in one piece!

      Uh, the burden of being a techno geek.

      I've spent the last hour "mentally writing" a letter to a national newspaper to explain why their magic-wand porn-blocking demands cannot be met and they might want to actually be responsible and monitor what the hell their kids are doing online and use some very easy software to cut out nasty things. That and explain that search engines do not work with a room full of little people typing in website content...

      blah /venting / this is making me angry / period?
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