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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Still boring here

Still boring here

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frannie yellow
Knit and Natter yesterday: random lady gave me bag of embroidery floss (68 skeins!)

"Work": ONL has new conspiracy theory and this doesn't feature English Heritage or the Masons.

"Work": co-workers going on endlessly about how Moffatt sucks, RTD was better, dalek space pool with planets good, plots that make sense bad...

Who: actually good stuff -- look up Earl's Court Police Box [London] on Google Street View, you can now go inside the TARDIS!!!
  • Would still swap with you any day.

    The only reason I'd have liked a new show runner is to see people hate on him and suddenly glorify Moffat, because I remember how it was during RTD hate. Except it would be no use, they would never admit what they are doing.
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