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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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dS manga: ben with wings
Not much to talk about today. More ticket selling at "work".

There was a strange international food market thing in town today. If you want your paella cooked on a giant cast iron frying/grilling pan, this is your chance.

I should not let the nice turkish guy suggest that I buy more baklava to fill the empty space in the box... he makes it sound so reasonable and natural to spend £5.20 on various sticky goopy things. Besides the usual (honey/nuts/pistachios) I ended up with something like a very dense almond cake thing with extra almonds on top. It's a bit like those non-flour ground almond cakes you make, but extremely heavier and stickier. I just snuck into the kitchen and tried it and I hope Mummyfrog doesn't notice the bite marks.

Tea is happening shortly, filling up with sugary delight is not good.

In other news "work" has a load of blackberry thorn things in the back garden so I now also have a load of blackberry things. Which are really good. And I have a load of baklava things. Which are really good.
  • I just had some baklava today. So yummy! mine had cardamom, cinnamon and rose water!
    • Those sound really nice.

      In 9 days I will be in Turkey, land of baklava.

      Never get into a conversation about who invented the stuff, the greeks and turks claim it as their own (two countries that never agree about anything as a point of national honour*)but the indians insisted they all poached from them...

      *except, perhaps the year they voted for each other on the eurovision song contest -- that was really weird (and almost certainly political)
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