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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

It's my birthday and right now I feel like an emotional pancake.…

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hugh house
It's my birthday and right now I feel like an emotional pancake.


ETA: I got my book of the day out of the bag and J said "oh my god, i love Mike Moorcock" and we then talked about Hawkwind. How does J manage to be so awesome?

We then mangled Silver Machine.*

* possibly probably the only Hawkwind song you have ever heard. Turns up on car commercials: "I've got a silver machine, I've got a silver machine, I've got a silver machine *scream*" One band guy claimed that he wrote it about his bicycle, given Hawkwind, it is worryingly possible

* One of the more disturbed experimental acid dropping rock bands and monsters of the plotted concept album and naked belly-dancing groupies. when they discovered Michael Moorcock, they went to Ladbroke Grove and worshipped him. this confused him muchly - especially when they wanted to know where he got his acid from - and he told them he ran on hot sweet tea, having been fed enough hot sweet tea, he wrote them some songs -- including Sonic Attack

I ♥ Sonic Attack -- do not use organic limbs, use your wheels

Uh, youtubed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwRvWpsiM2w

ignore the comments, not a very good recording
  • <3333333 I'm sorry. That's a terrible way to feel on your birthday. I squish you from afar!
  • Have a virtual birthday hug: <<<<>>>>

    I hope you feel less flat soon.

    • ****hugs****

      flatness is not good
      • Flatness is not good :-( Still, a birthday is just a day when you get right down to it, and tomorrow may have more hills and mountains and be a better time to celebrate your existence.

        (And I apologise for somehow managing to screw up the virtual hug - your name was meant to be in the middle of that!)

  • *hugs tight* I'm so sorry that your birthday was so flat. I hope today improves. *squishes*
  • I'm a little late from lack of a real computer, but Happy Birthday! I hope it has improved!
  • *hugs for you, for all reasons birthdayish and no*
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