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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

*cough* I have a wretched cold/sore-throat/earache/sinus bug thing…

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vecchio: hurty
*cough* I have a wretched cold/sore-throat/earache/sinus bug thing going right now. bbd thinks it was from the recirculated air in the plane. All I can say is *cough*. Clearly, I am not going to "work" tomorrow as the "senior" staff all could really do without a nasty lung infection. Of course, the brane!hate is loving all this and having a great time, so you can add a migraine to the list.

And I was going to post a picture of the view from my room on holiday.

It is amazing. And not mentioned in the catalogue at all, which is weird as they mention sea views all the time when they are a tiny space between the Hotel Piazza and the ApartHotel Sunshine and you can just about see the water if you crane your head like that...

*buzzy demonstrates*

with your ear parallel to your shoulder. I have actually stayed somewhere like that.
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