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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This is a quick catch-up (not ketchup)

This is a quick catch-up (not ketchup)

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animal: omg llamas!
Today, I went to London and got my brain injections done. I have chronic migraine (with a couple of garnishes, hold the aura) and I've been getting a treatment with botox and 31 injections to turn off the nerves in my head/neck/shoulders. Hopefully, this will keep working for me. The Brain Doctor (aka the Scary Consultant) continues to be made of sugar and light and loves me and my HIT score. She also had a colleague/visitor in the room "and we are two sceptics, but it works! Some of our patients have had wonderful results, like [buzzy]" I smiled and got jabbed. Uh that is it on the excitement front (except the bit when I forgot to take my benefits paperwork with me to get travel costs back) and the 3 hours plus of delays and rain of death it took us to get home.

Oh, and we got my travel costs back anyway! So the bbd taxi service is paid.

I bought him a bounty bar. :-)
  • My doc had also suggested those botox injections into my forehead (then she fired me and just mumbled that they wouldn't be strong enough anyway), glad yours worked out.
  • I'm so hoping it works for you!
  • Wow - I hope that works for you! Fingers crossed!
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