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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

In which there is cake...

In which there is cake...

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dS manga: ben with wings
Hello. I did ironing. I am having an interesting and exciting day.

Secretly and covertly, mummyfrog and I made a Christmas cake and bbd kept eating the fruit in brandy mix.

On Wednesday, hopefully, I'll make another to my (incredibly boozy) recipe. The one where bbd decided I was drunk on fumes. (secret ingredient = orange juice and more brandy)

I have been told there is nothing called cheap brandy because brandy is not cheap. This should not be proved as an impediment. Going for the nasty stuff in plastic bottles again, I think.

It is around 19:00 so (of course) I have finally woken up.
  • Mmmm...fruit and brandy mix! I used to do the same. I swear it's the best part!
  • Can't bake, no space in or on the oven for the last years. Did film it all with candle wax though. Those nightly undirected waking-up actions.
    • I managed to cover the stove in icing sugar the first (and only) time I tried to use an electric whisk. I ended up covered in the stuff but that wasn't much of an issue until my parents walked into the fall out zone.
      • Oh the stuff from the whisk and chopper ends up on my walls (and walls of stuff) and i never find all splashes ...
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