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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

How Buzzy (mis)Spent Her Teens -- Doctor Who Fangirling

How Buzzy (mis)Spent Her Teens -- Doctor Who Fangirling

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hugh house
I was happily wading through my f-list when I walked in one cesperanza and therienne getting down with the Eighth Doctor. Notably whether the Webiscode suddenly made Doctor 8 canonical or whether he was canonical already.

Doctor 8 / McGann had effectively one episode, a tv-movie that was made in America (because that is where the money was) which sank beneath its own weight of Time-Lord-Babble. It is a matter of debate (ever since) as to whether that counts as a Regeneration of the Doctor or not (some of the hard-old-school were not impressed).

Anywhichways, the Webisode (the Night of the Doctor) is absolutely amazing and if you haven't watched it it is cool and amazing and I love it very much) where he gets to dress Indiana Jones style (if Indy ever owned a beat-up frock coat) and be principled and badass. It also has the Sisterhood of Kahn (completely unrelated there is a real-world gay fan-group of the same name) who get to be creepy and rather evil.

The whole fan-girl conversation of extreme SQUEE about the now definite is her at Cesperanza's
and it is really funny and invokes Queer as Folk.

QaF was written by Russell T Davies (aka Rusty) just so you know.

Then somebody (I'm looking at you Therienne) invoked the Novels:

Therienne: there are like 100 friggin Doctor Who novels out there in the New Adventures series using Paul McGann's face

This is right but also very wrong and needs clarifiction.

As I sprung this on one unfortunate commenter (have I ever said that Explaining Everything is my kink?) so I decided to spring it on you (since you demanded deserve it)

To be a shameless who nerd (who has a nearly full run of new adventures).

Beyond TL;DR

The original books (known as Target books - the publisher) were tie-in novelizations. They were great (even when the greatest thing was the cover art) and I read every one in the children's library. They were nearly always written by Terrence Dicks (script editor in the Pertwee years) and his distinctive style is a source of continued amusement ("a young-old face") and there used to be little notes on the first page titled "the changing face of the Doctor. I like target books there are probably about 30 of them stashed somewhere.

The tie-in novels of the 90s (known as Virgin books - the publisher) were in two separate sections -- the New Adventures (featuring an increasingly manipulative 7 and some extra companions -- my favourite is Chris) and the Missing Adventures (all the other Doctors in adventures between the episodes) and YMV. I have a nearly complete run of the NAs which were basically legal fan fiction (and a lot of familiar names crop up - Steven Moffat, Rusty*, Mark Gatiss*).

The MA were (mostly) garanteed fun with your favourite Doctors (and more familiar names turn up) and the best is almost certain the "British Way of Death" by Gareth Roberts -- his signature-aliens the Chelonioans get name-dropped into the Pandorica Opens. He also wrote "The Lodger" aka the one where the Doctor gets a flatmate.

After the tv-movie the BBC took the novels back "in house" and started publishing their own (less edgy that the extremes of the NA -- nobody killed Ace fye) featuring 8 and his companion Sam (sort of generic I'm afraid) and (perpetually dodgy) Fitz. This is about where I jumped off as things were getting a little too confusing the plot-arch-y for me (especially since I was buying them in Smiths and the supply was random) and (it is said) quite good.

They have a number of "house writers" some of whom are seriously amazing and have written Proper Books.

Otherwise 8 lives in the tie-in audios (known as Big Finishes - publisher - who said anything with Who fans being creative) along with every other Doctor and Companion that Big Finish can get their hands on -- my brother's a big fan and really rates them, he recommends "Spare Parts" starring the Cybermen. They are currently converting the "English Way of Death" into audio format (we are talking plays here not readings) which makes me a very happy fangirl.

*As in QAF

There are/were a huge number of awesome writers some of whom have written Proper Books.
Ben Aaronovitch -- the Rivers of London guy (my favourite ever tie-in was The Also People otherwise known as like the Culture but where you'd actually like to live in -- serious understatement)
Paul "it's pronounced Mores" Magrs -- written of a lot of real books and the guy who first turned me on (literally) to slash with the disembodied hand hand job.

Also, a lot of production team/ television writers/ special effects guy/ cyberman.
  • The New Adventures had Seven's face on them, except when it was a killer greenhouse. The last NA, the Dying Days did have McGann on the front. It was quite good and it tied up some of the last few plot ends.

    Mostly it provided Benny with her own Happy Ending. She has always wondered why nobody called her on her "fake" credentials and her "specialist qualification" on Martian Archaeology. The Doctor had never said anything and she assumed he wasn't interested. Then, she steps out of the Tardis and into university cloisters and practically straight into one of her own students -- Benny walks into her "future" job from "before" she went roving off into the universe digging things up and consuming too much alcohol and meeting a very strange man in a blue box...

    *squishes benny*
  • It's an interesting question! The show certainly seems to count Paul McGann as the eighth doctor, judging by its numbering system for the ones that came after, but they don't appear to count Peter Cushing in the numbering system. Maybe they're making a distinction between movie Who and TV Who! LOL!

    I used to read the books when I was a kid and loved them. I haven't read any in quite a long time now, but I really enjoyed them at the time.
    • i am a (recovered) geeky nerd

      My brother can tell you everything about the old movies that you want to know (and what you don't want to know). Secret fact: the second (earth-based) movie was heavily funded by sugar puffs (which when there was a world-wide famine, you could still eat balanced breakfast -- there are a lot of advertising posters in the background).

      I think the difference is that the Cushing Doctor a) was around when the first doctor was still on the television and b) was recast as a slightly eccentric scientist who happens to take his granddaughter, niece and boyfriend/random police officer on accidental journeys in his prototype time ship.

      Likewise, the Doctor in tv-comic doesn't really count (even if he looks more like Hartnell) and his "grandchildren" Peter and Gillian aren't "real" either. On the down side, it means the tv-21 comic Daleks weren't real either and they were a thing of beauty.

      I used to collect Targets in my teens, I'd save up my dinner money (sacrificing pudding!) and get them for a pound each after school (and make the bus home) I have a lot of stuff stashed away. I have the first Annual but that is in really poor condition (with more Peter and Gillian).

      Edited at 2013-11-18 08:16 pm (UTC)
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