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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

an adventure in time and space

an adventure in time and space

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Did anybody besides me see "An Adventure in Time and Space"? It was really rather good and tragically bitter-sweet.

It looked old age and decline in the face and makes you confront the uncomfortable reality of Hartnell's situation and how everything begins to fall away. It probably doesn't help that I recognise so much of it in the people I know and work with. I am typically the youngest person in the office by more than thirty years and since I've just scraped into my thirties... It pulls into focus all those disturbing little things that we all try to ignore -- lost glasses and circular conversations, increasingly detailed to-do lists, trying to control everything and keep everything as it always was...

But. There are other people and other journeys. The brilliant Verity and Wassid take on massive risks in a world filled by cautious middle-aged male management. Sidney Newman is a toe-curling maverick*. Children chase an over-acting Hartnell through a park. His granddaughter wears her dalek suit.

* and now for the obligatory buzzy foot-note. Brian Cox playing Sidney Newman was actually working with the real Sidney Newman at the exact time as the real Verity and the Gang were figuring out the strangest script proposal in television
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