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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Buzzy - Agent of F.A.I.L

Buzzy - Agent of F.A.I.L

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welsh: headdesk
I mentioned the stitched object for EQ (the Etiquette Queen, the only woman that know how to introduce a dalek to a baronet) that I had nearly finished. Today, it fell to pieces at the making-up stage and is thoroughly beyond salvageable. So it is back to quadrilateral geometric form no. 1 -- either start over or fall into a weeping mess. I went with the second option, mostly since there had been a previous stitched object that also went to hell, so the project I mentioned first was in fact an attempt to escape the quadrilateral stage.

Bbd thinks that the whole object should have been quadrilateral in the first place as this would have saved it from oddly-shaped disaster accompanied by an under-explained chart which (in retrospect) was utter fail from the get-go.

So, after two Projects of F.A.I.L, I was damp and despondent. When I finally tracked down a pattern (hopefully easier, quicker, and impressive) then my colour scheme (black fabric - coloured thread - awed people) went and became (itself) a Project of F.A.I.L. At which point I got even damper all over the bbd.

[The last couple of days have had the depressing depression doing the whole uninvited-family-guest thing. This did not help]

So, now I finally have a Plan which might work (good) after much crying, frustration and a room covered in fabric/thread/stuff (you have to put it away later, buzzy) and hopefully it will also be easier.

And I should give my mother the computer back, because mine is still on upstairs among the needlework bumpft and several boxes of beads and other potentially messy items. *flops*
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