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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Brain Doctor is still in very nice mode and now understands much more…

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cross stitch: birdy
Brain Doctor is still in very nice mode and now understands much more about the art of biscornu.

ONL has now reached Media Saturation and I fear for an Explosion Of Ego. Managed to Expose His Eccentricities to the World and look like the Archaeological Pioneer he once was and (in his head, at least) still is. In the meantime, I have been typing up object description tables which are plain text and repetitive as hell, so I keep losing my bloody place even with the text stuck onto a clip board and partly covered with paper so I see only the bloody line I am working on.

Okay, enough about the highlights of my career.

The biscornu I was making for EQ has itself turned into a Project of F.A.I.L (#3) and the colours don't work, the thread can drive me batty and is totally too hard to unpick at speed. So, I am now going for another dangly thing (a scissor fob if anyone actually uses them - otherwise, pretty sewing box clutter) and have got to the Make Up Stage (which is when Project #2 failed). I am so enjoying this. Can you see the terrified sarcasm there?

Elderly Neighbour has been targeted by Evil Builder Money Extraction Evil People. Now she has her son (bbd undercover) to tell them to fuck themselves. Hopefully, the police will fuck them some more. *angry*

ETA: And EN's neighbours will tell the police who are ready to fuck when EN hits the fuck alarm phone.
ETA: They wanted £450 to "fix" her "collapsing" chimney stack which is accurately extremely robust.
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