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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

All I need do now is work out how to post EQ's incredibly late…

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cross stitch: birdy
All I need do now is work out how to post EQ's incredibly late present.

I need to get dosk to photograph it first.

Uhm, that's all the excitement for today.
  • i don't think you are on tumblr, but i found this person who does crosstitch on weird objects. i thought you might want to see it. idk...could be too artsy fartsy.


    • (I'm not on tumblr) That is really cool and awesome. I have seen it done on bread and a car bonnet (hood) and - well- it's cool. I showed my boss (a while back) the bread thing and it broke his brain. An afternoon of "why would anyone...?" ensued.

      I have done a key-ring pendant thing on a laser-cut wood tag and that was pretty cool. I ran out of thread though (it was a magazine kit) and there is never an exact good colour match. I had to leave my ends long as I needed the length to slide my thread under the back of the stitches to finish off. Uhm.

      I needed to be able to use the needle parallel to the wood to tuck away the end of the threads. So I needed quite a long piece of thread left so I could get it tucked into the back. All the tricks for darning in short ends don't work on wood. So I went through thread really fast. And, anyway, when did I stop trusting magazine charts/colours/stitch time?

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