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geek tragedy?

Hhmmm... you know how I get really anxious about meeting people per se?

I'm doing that with a friend, we've been loaning each other geek things:

* OMG! I haven't read her stuff from last time
* She does indie. Or at least Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
* So, what do i lend her? I'd do the Generation X Underground Special (Jim Mahfood) except it is in a long box underneath another short and then under my bed. I'm not a 100% sure Elektra Assassin (Frank Miller / Bill Sienkiewicz) would work (AJA/Fraction Iron Fist didn't) or something decent and Warren Ellis (which means Planetary -- I don't have a lot of other Ellis left)
*I am tempted to take in Dazzler The Movie just to show it exists. (She doesn't believe me)

Sienkiewicz is my favourite comic artist ever ever ever.

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