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Hi. I'm feeling limp and tired right now. I need to find my mojo.

I can't believe that I just wrote that.

Counselling (sp?) tomorrow - hopefully less unhappy making, I am fed up with my past issues and catharsis never lasts long anyway.

Talking with Spooky Little Girl about going to Canterbury for some serious gothing shopping*.

Spooky Little Goths have Mummy Goths wearing long-length cardigans and skull t-shirts.

*I know, I only own one goth thing and that is unlikely to change any time soon. I have a really tall university friend whose Great Aunt Emma* posts clothes parcels -- unfortunately, my friend is 5'13" (think about it) but her GAE still thinks she is the same height... as about me, really.

*Great Aunt Emma comes from Grinny by Nicholas Fisk -- You remember me, dear
If you want to scare the hell out of the under-tens (and/or over-tens), try it. "The audio version is super extra creepy" buzzy l bee (aged 9 and 3/4)
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