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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

... and those living were among the dead ... and that's what Orson…

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kowalski dark
... and those living were among the dead

... and that's what Orson did, hold back the storm

... until the end of hope

... swept him away


So, that's what that is, a sort of disney-fication of the myth


... so, you said they sacrifice boys to it [the dragon] ...

...have you stopped to think

...which boy it actually _is_ ?

... it's not the ones that burn [before they approach the doors]

... it's the one that gets in


and that's pretty much the world as danny sees it


there is virtue in obedience

and honour in death


you know, when you're a kid, you aspire... to be nurse or a fireman or a rock star

danny aspired to be dead


I have visions of Lei Kung (spelling) when Danny actually explains

what Orson saw

and it is heart-rending -- a blank stare into the distance and empty eyes behind his mask and that gaping mouth not wide but the lower lip is wrong pulled out from and parallel to the gums as is a weight (not a big one) is pulling it down gently but like a fish-hook
  • I have absolutely no idea who any of the names mentioned are, but that is a very interesting and poetical snippet.
    • I'm glad you like.

      I'm currently into Iron Fist (Marvel Comicverse) and Danny Rand is IF's Real Name.

      [He's also owner -- inherited -- of RAND which is a heavy engineering corporation (maglev trains became a surprising plot point ) which puts him (friendlily) up with Stark]

      He is Marvel's Kung Fu guy. Otherwise know as Iron Fist - The Living Weapon. Don't giggle. Danny doesn't like it. He trained in the secret city of K'un Lun in the Himalayas and is (basically) their local super hero and possessor of the most awesome power - the Iron Fist - he can channel his life-force (and/or the force of the heart of the dragon) into one hand and smash the hell out of people/things (unless they are Hulk or Luke Cage). He doesn't actually use it much in fights (it's pretty close to a single-use weapon) because as Iron Fist! The Living Weapon of K'un Lun! Her also happens to be the world's greatest Kung Fu guy. He works very hard at this (unlike most Marvel heroes) and spends hours training and meditating ("like sucking your toes but less interesting" - Luke Cage, bff) and studying new ways to kick the living shit out of people as gracefully and athletically as possible. He is an amazing gymnast (useful when the other half of the team is 300lb and built like a very big very angry black guy) and can probably out-do Daredevil (seriously?! Daredevil is Marvel's ninjitsu/boxer guy and pretty impossible to catch) and if you gave him ten minutes and a webbing gun he would make Spider-Man's life a lot more dangerous.
      • hmm... I think there is more of this

        (recently-ish IF was covering for Daredevil after the who in/out/wtf/serious-legal-issues and was pretty good at it. They are both "basic human" kinds of hero -- Daredevil's hearing and Danny's Iron Fist aside -- everything comes down to experience and training, they still have all the normal person vulnerabilities, they can get shot and it will kill them, if they fall off the buildings they run across, they won't be able to walk away with a couple of bruises and a helping of healing factor.)

        [completely out of context here: currently Clint (Hawkeye) is being taken for Danny lately and he does not like it]

        Danny is (somehow still) pretty naive and has the people skills of somebody who grew up on a mountain populated by (a couple of thousand, tops) other kung-fu nuts. His partner in super-hero-ing is Luke Cage

        [once upon a time, Luke was Power Man, but he always saw it more as a professional name which he took off whenever he wasn't doing anything vaguely heroic he was just Luke and he thinks code-names and masks are stupid, so. there.]

        Luke set up an agency for super-people -- where the average guy can commission him to

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