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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Callum Keith Rennie and the power of Coincidence

Callum Keith Rennie and the power of Coincidence

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hugh house
For reasons of my own vanity, boredom and broadly non-existent longer term memory, I was reading through all of my C6d (Canadian Six Degrees -- there are only six actors in Canada and they are in everything; connect the dots) and got to one of the gen Hugh Dillon bits (Hugh is the guy on my default icon) where Hugh "talks" interior design:

Now, his pad, totally achievable. And they do magazines and shit. Callum should take some of the blame, sitting in his place amongst golf trophies and rejects from the Pier... Callum likes design so much he went under the needle.

Uhm... there was that article somebody fannish found somewhere about Callum Keith Rennie's (Callum co-starred in a movie with Hugh and fangirls like it) Loft home. Which is full of interior design "touches" (and it is so sunday supplement) featuring his golf trophies, artistic golf ball accents, and things that look (or more specifically feel) like stuff an interior designer bought from the Pier.

The whole bloody thing (what I wrote) is here achievable nirvana

Uh, the Callum Keith Rennie Sunday Newspaper Supplement Design Feature is somewhere
  • It is so weird to me that you have to explain all of those things (at the start of the post), which used to be just about all we ever talked about.
  • What woolly said!

    Also, how did I miss these? They are perfect drops of nirvana!
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