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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

hopefully, too general to tell you where i work etc

hopefully, too general to tell you where i work etc

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ckr: fear is negotiable
Tomorrow, it is day of the kiddiwinks (35 -- my least favourite number) and then, wednesday, I have more of the creatures (35 -- my least favourite number).

35 kids into 2 groups equals 17 and 1/2 children, everything at "work" is set for 15.

I have just booked in 100 later in the year (in two waves, thank god)

(hopefully trouble free,"responsible adults" permitting).

I have had quite enough irresponsible adults.

(too bloody tired already)
  • Good luck. I bet using tasers is illegal where you are at to herd kidlets? :D
    • One set down, one more to go!

      (We really aren't gun-happy here -- police don't have them. I think you [if you're a cop] need special training and authorisation before they let you near a taser, otherwise it is extendible batons all round. It probably makes for slightly less exciting police shows -- "get out from behind the car slowly or I will be forced to deploy a big stick" doesn't really do it)
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