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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The Rocket Surgeon and a Brain Scientist

The Rocket Surgeon and a Brain Scientist

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welsh: headdesk
You know I said that I was having 35 kids today?

I didn't. I had 54. (Three groups of 18 -- one above my nightmare number)

[If you missed it, all our activities are set up for 15 max. Doing more is just evil and we have to raid metaphorical cupboards and check under the carpet to improvise more kits]

I also had the real rocket scientist parent.

For reasons of non-stalkage and non-googling-by-employers-etc I can't tell you what or why.

We spent two hours making with the kids "look we have some blank! isn't that blank so exciting? blank tells us so many interesting things! we are having so much blank fun girls and boys! are you studying blank at school?". Two hours later, parent walks up and asks me what blank is. I then have to explain blank twice before she can tell the kids that blank is really blank.

I hope to god that she was a parent / (ir)responsible adult, if she was a teacher we're all doomed.

In other news, somebody else has fallen off our (fairly high) work garden wall and is now suing us (again). The wall measuring people were demonstrating that it is pretty hard to sit on the wall (it isn't flat) and you need to be about 5'10" to do it. I don't even want to think about how much this costs us to prove that we are not liable for drunk stupid people (again).
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