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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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ckr: fear is negotiable
Hello. Yesterday, I baked a cherry cake, it is crispy around the edges. Have only tried it on the big bad daddy (bbd) so far and really want to know if anyone likes it enough that I could (realistically) cook it again and get people to eat it. It is a bit "meh". Need some cake tips from Spooky Girl, experimental baker (and her green exploding cup cakes) but treating people like they are on America's Test Kitchen* (pbs exists in the uk, get used to it) isn't really on (or a friendly thing to do).

The problem with cake casa buzzy is that it is nigh-impossible to find a flavour everyone will eat. I wrote an elimination list and it came down to Victoria Sponge or the Amazing Fruit Cake (well, everyone likes it and My Americans are amazed they can lift it).

* I have seen it. Any show when they actively insult their testers/reviewers/studio audience is good with me. "This is bland, tasteless and has no texture -- so our testers loved it"
* I miss the Really Interesting But Random Documentaries they put out when they started up here - I really dug (serious) the one about the invention of the safe passenger lift/elevator and the Otis line. Barnum actually hired Otis to demonstrate this in front of an audience, encouraging gentlemen to take an axe to the suspending rope. It promptly stayed put. There was also one about Frank Lloyd Wright.
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