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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hugh does Hockey (like Debbie Does Dallas except totally not)

Hugh does Hockey (like Debbie Does Dallas except totally not)

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hugh grin
My journal is read by two three types of people
  1. people who like hockey
  2. people who like hugh dillon
  3. people who don't know what the fuck this post is about

Anywhichways, I know online kind of people who like a) hockey and b) hugh dillon at the same time

[imagine venn diagram here]

oh, yes, this is for you: mickeymvt and aerye

I have never even tried to embed anything in this thing, so the result might be just a little random:

Failing that, just appreciate the mega-violence.

I don't have a tag for hockey -- so filing this under hookerfic, same thing
  • Great video! I love Hugh and I love hockey, so it's a match. I hadn't seen this. Thanks for sharing it.
    • I was digging around for a on-line version of the cemetery video for my favourite goth. I mentioned the love-juice line and she omghavetohaveit. I'm not sure how we got to necrophilia but it seems cheesy comedy necrophilia songs are thin on the ground.

      • it seems cheesy comedy necrophilia songs are thin on the ground.

        LOL! Yeah, I've noticed that. Even in a culture where the zombie is so popular, you just don't get enough love-juice going around.
        • I also somehow undersold the sheer goofiness of the video.

          After not seeing it for years, it was an interesting experience. I didn't remember the bit with the acordian player.

          Has anyone established what instrument hugh plays (badly)?

          I haven't caught anything Hugh for a while, so the bit where the updated logo (for the new record) has "making bad lifestyle choices since 1989" underneath just gave me *hearts*
  • Wow i think hugh had a similar experience to my own growing up. LOL! Except for me it wasn't hockey, but soccer. But oh I do like hockey and wish we had enough ice to play it.
    • I never had that kind of experience. We didn't do the whole running wild in the neighbourhood thing, it was just me and my brother in the back garden.

      That and I am to sport what [somebody] is to [something] -- the most violent sport chaos thing was playing British Bulldog (around here it was called Red Rover) which gets banned at school yearly (at least when I was there) as it is a good way to break people's arms and get hurt in other painful ways.
  • Oh this is awesome! and rawrrr, Hugh looks so damn good!!
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