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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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mort: hi
I've just come back from my Brain Doctor appointment.

For those not in the know already; I have a migraine/chronic headache condition and it is evil. I take many many pills for it. It does not work well with the rest of my brain and it hurts and confuses everything. I have had it for the last ten years (plus) and I have a Personal Brain Care Specialist in London.

[And, yes, that is a Hitch-hiker's reference]

She is a very scary woman and whenever I meet her in nice mode it is really disturbing. She seems really pleased with my progress (impact scores down three points) and a nice diary sheet. I said it is disturbing. Anywhichways, I was there for my botox treatment, which features lots of jabs into nerves around the neck, head and scalp. I have now been well and truly needled. I wish we had the other nurse though, this one is not very good at not hurting.

My head feels a little bit tender now and my neck is beginning to complain.

  • Ugh botox injections, I used to cry every time. I had to get someone to come and hold my feet.

    but yay, progress?

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