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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

adventures in cooking

adventures in cooking

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ckr: fear is negotiable
Uhm, geek nite could be interesting. I volunteered to do the cake. My result was a chocolate brownie thing where the crunchy top decided to de-laminate from the undercooked underneath which had attached itself intimately to the greaseproof paper lining. My advice is that you check you have the right size cake pan (which I hadn't anticipated) and then use a pyrex instead. I think the thickness of the glass stopped the heat going through fully. So, I have a plate of crunchy goo which is going nowhere. I did try to cut it into a presentable shape and was hoping that I could hide it under enough butter cream as possible, but (besides the chaos which is me with a blender and icing sugar) I couldn't get it off the bloody plate again. So now we have some Morrison's danishes and a chocolate sponge. I am getting a bit twitchy and anxious about all this now...

the other irony is that I am taking it to the Spooky One who has previously produced the green pulsating muffin. The other other irony is that I can't just shovel it into my brother. He doesn't do chocolate things.

oh, and I got my new shirt from teefury (who rock) and post things nicely. Post person trying to scrunch it up enough to fit it through the letter box is not so nice (and bloody fucking lazy). We are always in and he knows so (we take the outsize mail for four different neighbours) and it is annoying.
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