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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

please note irony in the mood box

please note irony in the mood box

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kowalski dark
Yesterday seemed to exist only to suck and remind me of my memory gaps. It didn't help when ONL went into inquisition mode and I ended up feeling that he feels that I am incompetent in the face of work fail. Also, due to memory suck and brain, I couldn't really string things together well enough to explain.

Today exists to bore me rigid at "work" and give me a to-do list written by my boss. I've also got a new extra day there due to staffing chaos, otherwise known as "what happens when one key volunteer nearly has a heart attack and can't come back to work -- at extremely short notice?" I think one of the other guys is trying to boost my self-esteem but I end up feeling really awkward.

Also, instant porridge in a pot tastes exactly as you think it would: hot muesli and milk powder. Texture-wise it feels like Chinese restaurant chicken and sweetcorn soup. This is incongruously familiar and strangely disturbing.

"On my travels" Smith's had a £1 book box so I am now possessor of "Far from the Sodding Crowd" - a rather fascinating book featuring all the tourist attractions you have never thought of. It is really good and I'm trying to keep from reading it the whole way through (so I have something to read when back at "work" for my new shift) but it is very alluring. If you want to visit "cuckoo land" (the world's largest cuckoo clock museum), the Yelverton Paperweight Centre or the Bubble Car Museum, this is your kind of book. I really should go and have a look at the Margate Shell Grotto (the nearest place, which, scandalously I have never visited).
  • For me, today exists to cause frustration. I was supposed to be getting a new boiler installed, all arranged at the weekend, confirmation email of the dates, took the day off work. Boiler never arrived, so I called up British Gas, who went "hmm, that work order doesn't seem to exist, we'll call you back"... and called back to say yes it had been booked in but there was a system fault so it didn't go out properly or something. So they are now delivering and installing tomorrow, with promises that they will try and put two engineers on it so I don't have to take Fri off work as well. Gah.

    And that porrige sounds deeply wrong. It is never good microwaved anyway, even when you use normal oats and milk. Cooking it in a pot is the only way to go.
    • Your suck is more sucky than my suck. British Gas have their own special reservoir of suck. Mine just means spending six hours in a boring tin box sitting around staring at the door (somebody must visit, please?) and making photocopies of pre-1980 pre-electronic database cards.

      I've always made porridge in the microwave (sorry) and sometimes stick odd things in/on it (smashed bananas, chocolate drops) avoiding the allure of a lot of crunchy melted sugar. I've even been (horror of convenience food horror) those little packetty things in odd flavours (albeit not the terribly odd ones) ever since they stopped selling my favourite (oats and bits of dried apple) combo in normal sized porridge boxes. I know this is all a money making evil exploitation of porridge-dependent breakfast-eaters but it's tasty. And their timings are offensively wrong (imho) so I am playing guess-the-bleep-time to get a nice sticky-ish but-not-too-sticky texture.

      p.s. I'm addicted to the blackberry and apple one

      Edited at 2014-04-03 07:17 pm (UTC)
      • Hmm, I'm actually tempted by the ones with dried apple since I would really like to have that in mine but it appears that dried apple itself cannot be bought in any supermarket near me! I usually have dried cranberries, raisins and brown sugar. Way, way too much sugar really, but that is how I like it.

        Actually, I think you do win the suck competition since I just got to spend two days reading fanfic instead of at work - boredom is much worse. And I now have a new boiler that is very shiny, and a THERMOSTAT which is deeply exciting since it means I can control the temperature instead of just timing when the boiler comes on and off. The things that become exciting when you are a homeowner... *sighs*
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