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Yesterday seemed to exist only to suck and remind me of my memory gaps. It didn't help when ONL went into inquisition mode and I ended up feeling that he feels that I am incompetent in the face of work fail. Also, due to memory suck and brain, I couldn't really string things together well enough to explain.

Today exists to bore me rigid at "work" and give me a to-do list written by my boss. I've also got a new extra day there due to staffing chaos, otherwise known as "what happens when one key volunteer nearly has a heart attack and can't come back to work -- at extremely short notice?" I think one of the other guys is trying to boost my self-esteem but I end up feeling really awkward.

Also, instant porridge in a pot tastes exactly as you think it would: hot muesli and milk powder. Texture-wise it feels like Chinese restaurant chicken and sweetcorn soup. This is incongruously familiar and strangely disturbing.

"On my travels" Smith's had a £1 book box so I am now possessor of "Far from the Sodding Crowd" - a rather fascinating book featuring all the tourist attractions you have never thought of. It is really good and I'm trying to keep from reading it the whole way through (so I have something to read when back at "work" for my new shift) but it is very alluring. If you want to visit "cuckoo land" (the world's largest cuckoo clock museum), the Yelverton Paperweight Centre or the Bubble Car Museum, this is your kind of book. I really should go and have a look at the Margate Shell Grotto (the nearest place, which, scandalously I have never visited).
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