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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

me me me

me me me

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callum and hugh
I'm alive!

Due to Significant Things, my hours at "work" have been cut and I won't be working with kids for the duration.

Uhm. That's a bit of a downer. Except not. Maybe I am doing that inner-serenity thing or just a little over-tired lately.

I have been given a pill box, it is pretty but I rather liked being more independent. Alas, I am also too tired to think about meds either.

The stitchy projects continue consumed by inertia -- all stuck at awkward points of finishing/next steps. I really don't like the beading options on one (they are rather over-powering at best and (imho) too big for the design to start with) and trying to finish up a sampler (what can I do with that gap? and sparklies?) and the beading project (getting very over-anxious about bead selection and quality).

The anxiety thing is high (still) and this helps absolutely nothing, as does wanting to sleep all the time and the being the Amazing Apathy Girl.

I dropped the pills again, just seeing what happens.
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