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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I wish I had my "hills are alive" icon right now...

I wish I had my "hills are alive" icon right now...

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hugh house
I need to find my "hills are alive and they're eating children" icon as this sums up Spooky pretty darn well.

I'm going to Some Other Town with Spooky tomorrow and it is going to be awesome!

I just need to stop worrying about it

Met up with Spooky after work and we looked for neon foodstuffs (Spooky) and reduced-price seasonal bread products (Buzzy). I think I got the better deal: Marks & Spencer Apple Hot Cross Buns are strangely yummy. We looked for indescribable goth ear-rings: Claire's does skeletons in little lace tu-tus. With little pink bows.

Spooky likes the new ergonomic keyboard I gave her, but her cat likes it even more. It is the posture-cushion-chair for cats. Cat is now refusing to come off keyboard and has taken to hissing (this is a non-hiss hiss-free hiss-light cat) at attempts to remove it. I think Spooky's dad might be a bit relieved, cat's previous favourite place was sitting on his shoulder like a ship's cat who has just eaten the parrot (ar!)
  • and this whole time I thought Claire's was an exclusively American thing. =) I wonder if they have the same selection of stuff where you are that they do here.
    • It's been on this side of the pond at least fifteen years. I worked it out. I am that bored.

      The current selection seems to be somewhere between nine and 13/14/15? There is a lot of day-glo things at the moment and really silly ear-rings. Also some strange goth gloves. Spooky is wondering when she became mainstream (face it, if ten-year-olds go around wearing skull-emblazoned sweat bands -- goth may never be cool again).
      • LOL! no, that's when goth starts expanding to different looks. Goth is already dead so it can technically never die or truly go out of style. It's almost classic! :D On Tumblr, I see resurgence of deathrocker goth stuff from the 80's. These kids are so hardcore with their black fishnets and stuff.

        Edited at 2014-04-22 07:31 pm (UTC)
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