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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

nobody is going to get this, right?

nobody is going to get this, right?

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cross stitch: birdy
Uhm. I have this bead-work project (not quite my first but nearly) I picked up at Ally Pally last time: a rather nice beaded red admiral butterfly. It has taken over a month of angst (not enough black beads, sourcing black beads, buying the wrong size of beads, buying four packs of the $£*^ to cover all the bases. Anywhichways, I finally get cracking at the black tips (then decide the beads are not quite right) and bead away (compromisingly) and then, there aren't enough white beads either!. Just like the black beads it's a couple short of a full set and that's leaving all the discards in. Okay, I know the last one is a contradiction, but evil misshaped, hole-less warped things I had put to one side and dropped into the do-not-use box.

My fan brain is still trying to drop Danny Rand (aka Daniel Rand-Kai aka Iron Fist) into an episode of Bones (preferably before jumping the shark).

Hodgkin's best fellow millionaire friend (it's tough finding another intelligent guy with a taste for philanthropy and extreme sports) is the answer to the current mystery. A kung-fu conundrum that leaves everyone stumped after Angie's virtual reconstruction of an impossible move. Bones agrees, as does Cam, but Hodgkins, who is doing that bouncing thing he does, is manically insistant that he knows a guy who can do it; his best friend, Danny Rand, eccentric Tibetan-American martial arts freak, who, get this, is coming in town in his jet. Since Hodgkins just. wont. shut. up. -- Booth's words, you can tell -- Hodgkins makes the call. He's coming into xxxx air base at xxxx - Booth also insists on driving, with Bones, not Hodgkins.

This goes to a bad start and starts worse, on the drive out, he grouses with Bones that xxxx is a military base and who the fuck does this guy think he is? he's got a private jet - Booth really doesn't like Danny already (he's everything Booth doesn't engage (?) with - money, no real work, shallow) and tells Bones so. Bones is too busy thinking and then trying to punctuate the in-car resentment-fog with Bones small-talk (disaster in the making). They get to the base and yes, there is a Rand Corp sign outside it, but the rest of the place is still camoflage-khaki and with the whole barrier gate thing. The guy in the admission box gets them to stand forward and get shot with a camera and their security permits are just spat out -- in the names of Mr Smith and Miss Jones. Booth is not amused. The security guy spends the whole time rabbiting to Booth about the ownership etc stuff -- budget cuts, base closing down, Mr Rand, he's a very patriotic guy -- the are two flags one of which Booth doesn't recognise -- and he uses the place as a stop-off refuelling drop and runs it as a civilian section contractor thing for pretty much free and keeps everything sweet, fuel accommodation, bells/whistles.

Booth is getting really annoyed, he doesn't like people messing him around, the smith/jones gag is not cute (Bones does) and he isn't happy about that Other Flag(s). Did I mention the tibet angle -- there has to be a flag for it somewhere -- and Danny must be do something with his weihnachtsgeld. Bones knows (human rights attrocities... illegal occuptation by chinese troops, religious oppression... all the nasties that aren't fashionable enough for the world to care about) and... like the guide/i said, tibetan american*

guy in a rand corp black bomber jacket comes out from the box-hauling masses with a hi, do you want to see what we do here? we're looking forrrrrr- booth gets dragged along to see that huge 737 (the "private jet") and that it is actually stacked with rand-corp freight and heavy engineering stuff (what rand corp actually does - maglev trains a canon speciality) the remaining space is stacked to bursting with medics-sane-frontiers cargo and they are going to pick up some aid workers shortly


Besides being Hodgkin's best millionaire mate (that's actually quite hard to find another interesting person who doesn't talk about golf or his yacht) and extreme sports nut Danny is confusing the hell out of Bones. Except now he's not, he's Bones' dream tie-everything-up truth-in-foolish-native-myth guy (there really is a small settlement in the mountains with blond boys getting sent down the mountain after a man-hood ritual involving "dragons" and mystic caves and sticking hands into something firey) and Danny's attitude is giving Booth problems. Passive-aggressive challenger for alpha male, too fucking perfect for his own good, and getting all of Bones' attenction

danny is also in town for an amnesty ball thing to do a key note speech and do really dangerous things with hodgkins

obsessive/ full-on/ adrenalin junkie/ aid charity/ inner city shcool projects ny/ activist/ workaholic/ exercise-a-holic/ meditation and inner light mysticysm guy (hey, he's a marvel guy -- it works)/ super-powered/ shield agent...

booth has never seen a shield id

also, shield and the fbi have a hate-hate thing going on


and that move looks worryingly familiar...

can we say davos?

*evil grin*

*in current continuity danny's background is insanely fucked-up (originally more of an add-an-uncle convenience/deus-ex thing) and yeh, white american(ish) boy whose father studied martial arts in the lost city of k'un lun and then decided his kid should too (start em early -- 7!) because of the prophesy (i'm less than charitable when it comes to wendell rand -- he's a self-aggrandising ego-centric bastard imho and probable wife-beater and makes his money suspiciously fast. and that's before you add the grand-father that isn't, the mystic ruler and the scary as fuck lei kung who is not into child-centred learning so much as hot housing and a scary looking whip (and i still think he is nicer than wendell i have readons
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