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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I seem to have committed for a journal article by ONL. *headesk*…

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hugh house
I seem to have committed for a journal article by ONL. *headesk*

[if you want to know what, check out previous link spaghetti post]

Also, my brain hurts and I can't spell.

Still thinking way too much about Danny Rand-Kai and his unusual ink.

(okay, comic 'verse it is also/actually either some kind of super-macho brand thing and - un-cool/ or the result of killing that fucking dragon - tiny bit of paraphrasing here "and the dragon marked you as his own" - which is really cool and now canon (weeeee!).

It does (however) make you a bit easy to spot, which may be good in your mystic other-dimensional kung-fu city-let in the Himalayas, but is totally a bitch when you are a gymnastics/exercise nut who spends a lot of the time semi-naked and upside down (not that we're complaining or anything) even when he is talking to random people (but with his clothes on) which makes real life business meetings more interesting (especially when Danny would struggle to get through high-school maths) and annoys the hell out of people. He doesn't really have a work-home balance (but did I mention the semi naked balance is all I need?) Sometimes, he just cartwheels along the back of people's sofas because he is a (massively martial arts) complete and utter kung-fu nut fidget (with a slightly weird belief system - he's from an honour culture that is very hot on horrible messy on-principled deaths and he likes meditating to the point that it is his number one hobby, the number two hobby is kicking the shit out/of things/people in a principled way, and his third hobby is fucking Luke Cage and feeding him coca-cola and pizza

I think I lost the thread when I got to the whole insane bro-mance thing -- they have nothing in common! one of them is a multi-millionaire! one of them has seriously angry black guy tropes! one of them thinks meditation is like sucking your toes but less fun! they eat pizza! and hang-out all the time! and dress like rejects from the Village People! and one of them has a fashion model as his token girlfriend! one has serious anger management issues!they run a super-hero agency! with an office and everything! prices starting from air/dime/pizza! just call 555-herohire!

They also like slashed shirts, silly head-dresses that don't really give away their secret identities:
  • (luke thinks super-hero names suck and sticks with Luke nine times out of ten
  • (danny's is a job description - mystic invisible city in the Himalayas that isn't quite in this dimension and their sacred warrior "Iron Fist! The Living Weapon!" and has a semi-useless super-power (it tends to ko you as well as the bad guy) (it gets better, danny, just hang on in there). He takes his job very seriously, hence the talking to people upside down thing until Luke called him on that.
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