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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I baked cookies. They seemed a bit wobbly in the middle so I cooked…

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hugh house
I baked cookies. They seemed a bit wobbly in the middle so I cooked them for longer (i.e. three times the reciepe time over) so they are now super-crunchy. Ooops
  • I think maybe cookies are supposed to be soft still when you take them out? I know flapjacks come out of the oven oozy and then solidify as they cool, and I think cookies are a similar idea.

    Having said that, I totally screwed up my flapjacks last week when I turned the tray halfway through and managed to tip a portion onto the oven door, so they ended up being too thin and then cleaning up messed up the timing so they also ended up undercooked, so I feel your baking pain!
    • It turns out they are squishier on the inside (-: Seriously need to remember not to panic so much about done-ness as my perception of done seems to be way above everyone else's.

      My problem with flapjacks is that I can't get anyone casa Buzzy to eat them (this has proved a pain when it comes to all baked things - I'm down to victoria sponge and fruitcake) and they are seriously yummy.

      I've been delegating getting things out to my dad just not yesterday.
      • How does anyone not like flapjacks? They are yummy! That is quite a short list you have too. Does your family just not like nice things?

        I think recognising done-ness is learned for each new recipe (and oven) anew! Squishier on the inside does sound good though.
        • It works via a elimination thing: suggest kinds of cake to different family members, each option will be a non-negotiable squick for at least one family member. So: cheese cake (3), lemon drizzle (2), anything with nuts (1), chocolate (1.5), unusual fruit (varies), flapjacks (2), brownies (2), chocky chip cookies (1)...

          ... wash, rinse, repeat :-(

          p.s. carrot cake (2) [which is less than win] cheesecake (3)...
  • crunchy is good too. Sometimes i take a batch and bake some sl. underdone and some a little too crunchy for a range of texture appeal.
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