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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh cemetary two
I had a great time with spooky last night (I showed her some of my stitching projects on el jay but since scrapbook ate my folders...) and ate way too much of her amazing chocolate mouse (? I'n going to have got it wrong anyway) cake (chocolate gnash (?) in quantity...

Chocolate Ganache, in sufficient quantity, is indistinguishable from chocolate mouse (?)

I am going to leave cakes far alone (have I mentioned that Mummyfrog is trying another no-carb plan?) for the moment and tell you that Spooky has some awesome Frankenstein (j)leggings that have to be seen to be believed and some kick-ass skull earrings. She made them herself which is so awesome I do not have words (except I do). She also knows the eldritch* art of micro-sd-card-mounting.

Bbd is going in for the gold medal of trying to fix water pipes in unpleasant conditions. Mummyfrog is on a no-carb diet and already looks set to kill if she eats more of the hideous carrot/swede/gravy bake - urgh! Especially if tonight is stuffed pasta night (not a buzzy favourite and if mummyfrog isn't eating it, it means hideously larger portions. (mummyfrog didn't get the hang of "for three" cooking when dosk was away at university - I don't think this improves things -- buzzy and bbd have very finite capacities).

*terry pratchett says this word means oblong - who am I to argue? SD cards are oblong
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