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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Cookie Monster and the World's Cutest Airline

Cookie Monster and the World's Cutest Airline

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planetary: crazy monkey

I've just baked more of the giant sultana cookies. This time I used the "right" sugar (light muscavado) instead of what was in the cupboard (demerara) so the mixture came out a lot denser and didn't stick to everything (me) and the mix tasted a lot better (I am too mature for spoon licking) when I licked my fingers (which had been in the vicinity of the spoon, I admit) and stuck in tidy balls and they didn't spread into one giant super-cookie. They look pretty -- I didn't make any chocolate chip because mummyfrog is still on the Diet.

ETA: Dosk has assessed the cookies and says they are nicer than the last lot, I still miss the chewy texture a bit.


On the interesting front (especially after you have eaten the cookies) it turns out the Samoa Air sells/flies everything including passengers by weight.

Their catchy slogan is "a kilo is a kilo is a kilo"


It makes a surprising amount of sense -- running a six-seat Cessna is weight-critical. They can't promise a sudden-weight-loss refund but they will put you in a really nice window seat!

And they are now (voted by yours truly) the World's Cutest Airline!
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