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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I need a sexier userpic -- and more cookies

I need a sexier userpic -- and more cookies

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planetary: crazy monkey
The Sultana Cookies are gone (mostly into the stomach on legs that is my brother) and were very nice - they tasted a lot more syrupy and took longer to eat. They were also fat and cookie shaped.

[if anyone missed the previous episode - buzzy made cookies, this time she used the specified type of sugar (muscavado) instead of an empty-pantry-panic-substitute (deremerera ?) and so this time her dough was stiffer and the cookies didn't try to turn into a great big giant super-cookie in the oven.

Went and bought some comics - yay! - there is a 2nd hand shop around nearish the former youth hostel and they are selling for 50p a pop and seem to have a very wide variety thing going. I will admit buying an Emma Frost solely because of the cheese-cake cover and my appreciation of it. Emma Frost is the X-Men Member that was previously (a really baddie) who belonged to a secret society called the Hellfire Club (dress code - ladies in lingerie and stockings and mink cloaks) and still runs around wearing only her scanties (which have got ever scantier) and fucking Scott Summers (previously the world's biggest boy scout) and giving him some actual self-esteem (and hot lovin') and actually think for himself instead of all this good-of-the-team crap (and has boosted his vocabulary extensively). She also had psychic sex with him dressed in his wife's bad-girl outfit (and making that effortlessly kinkier) and then they got caught... and then she caught death and Emma comforted Scott (in bed, in the x-plane...)

That was not what I was thinking about when I started this post (honest) and I am not running a little hot under the bonnet...

My optical drive is buggered in new and interesting ways -- it will play CDs, won't play Sims, will play some DVDs with no soundtrack, and classes all the other DVDs as wrong-region. *fail*
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