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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

e fucking bay (otherwise known as buzzy swearing like a sailor)

e fucking bay (otherwise known as buzzy swearing like a sailor)

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hugh house
I was having a pretty good, productive day.

Now I am pissed off beyond belief, thank you, ebay.

After they screwed up their security system, I reset my bloody pass-word yesterday. It was a really good secure pass-word - I put a lot of effort (like 1/2 an hour) to put together a memorable password with a decent mnemonic and all the required &ymbol numb3r UPPERCASE lowercase elements.

So, today, I log in... or rather I try to log in. Since they clearly hadn't fucking bothered to tell people that they broke their fucking security system - it came up with a fucking screen telling me to change my fucking pass-word and it wouldn't let me in until I changed my fucking password again and it just keep looping me through the same bloody fucking shit. So, yay, more of my fucking time wasted...

... and then I found that ebay had decided to change itself into some half-arced social network... yes, I really want to tell some stalker person how much I love buying [insert what applicable] and how much I want to tell you about what I use it for and where I live... and basically anything that might otherwise turn my life into spam hell...

If you can't tell, I am now in a very evil mood. Kill.

(swearing is not something I do at home, last time I got my wrist slapped. Yes, I am over 21)
  • oh yes...ebay is total crap now. :(. I don't know why every damn thing is trying to be Facebook now. Even Linkedin which is supposed to be for jobs is trying to be social. ugh.
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