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Hello. Uhm, the internet on the Computer from the Black Lagoon (which hasn't been doing itself any favours -- optical. drive.) has been dead lately with some kind of random network connection issue. This went through "turn it off and back on again" and "check the cables" and "check the router" and "the router's working fine"... today for the zillionth time I did the "buzzy crams herself into small space with too many cables" thing again and it decided to actually connect.

Doubtless, this will baffle the sysadmin.

The sysadmin (I will admit) is my father but there are three Ethernet networked desktops, five portable devices (thankfully not on all at once) and a network printer and a network hdd (erratic and annoying).

Our house is made of cable spaghetti.
Tags: computers, internets broken

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