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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Remember When Wolverine Was Cool? Me Neither. -- Quentin Quire, My New Favourite Mutant

Remember When Wolverine Was Cool? Me Neither. -- Quentin Quire, My New Favourite Mutant

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hugh house
The Real World sucks.

Quentin Quire is my new favourite x-man (apologies to Northstar and Nightcrawler).

Quentin/Northstar would be hot and weird.

But strangely, I can envision gen Quentin Quire and Northstar much better. How about a "mentoring" scheme, which I am sure they are thrilled to be on. How do the two most shallow, self-obsessed and stupidly powerful* x-men... survive in the same space?

"How do they not know who I am?" quoth Quentin "I was trending on Twitter two weeks ago."

You could just as easily attribute that to Jean-Paul. Who wrote his own auto-biography, came out as gay as noisily as possible, runs a financial share firm thing and has his name in big light-up letters on top of a building (this seems to be the Marvel sign of massive corporate/financial success) and possibly cheated as an Olympic ski-jumper (he says he didn't and his powers only turned up to play after Department X [the same people whose super-black team made Wolverine the man he is today] introduced him to his sister so they could front Alpha Flight) and pretty notorious and obnoxious in general. He is "hard to work with" at the best of times and possibly the biggest bitch in the Marvel Universe. Also, a shallow, self-interested, media-saavy jerk.

So, nothing like Quentin, an over-powered, shallow, self-interested, anarchist jerk.

Nobody is entirely sure what Quentin actually doesbeyond getting into people's heads, manipulating almost everybody and pushing buttons, almost starting World War III and getting a talking-to by Captain America. He is stupidly powerful and nobody is sure what he is actually capable of (especially Quentin) and is basically at the Jean Grey School because the alternative is prison, sedatives, power blockers and solitary confinement in America's nastiest super-prison. He is also considered a terrorist in three-quarters of the world.

Now he starts riots in the dining hall, annoys the fuck out of everyone, is as unpleasant and noxious as mutantly possible and owner of a new slogan t-shirt every issue - "Magneto Was Right" and "WWWD" (What Would Wolverine Do) and "Wake Me Up When the Humans Are Dead" - and seems to consider anarchy, mayhem and random destruction his raisons-de-etre.

Also telepathic, telekinetic and creator of the Psychic Shotgun.

Psychic. Shotgun. How can you not love him?

It is very heavily implied that he will be the next Phoenix in the nearest future. Or the next Magneto (quoth Wolverine) which is why he _isn't_ in prison.

He also has shares in a hair-dye factory and Spooky has worked out what brand of hair dye he uses to get his "unique" look.

(I think he is naturally pink and Rachel Grey found out... uhm, the wrong way)


* think about it -- Jean Paul can swim faster than Namor, he's outrun Quicksilver (I have to say, Quicksilver has got a lot more powerful since) and he flies! Also, troubled relationship with his twin (Jeanne Marie) - they have some shared powers (and together made up Alpha Flight's resident wrecking crew) but it seems that they can both use the powers separately (to some degree) now. Let's see, one very smart speedster who flies and does the mother of all flash-bangs (back in early Alpha Flight the twins took out the x-jet) which (I'm pretty sure) also includes emp's (electro magnetic pulses -- say goodbye to your flight gear, x-men) and, like I said, they don't hold hands any more. Which is good, because 80% of the time, they aren't talking (at the nice end) hate each other's guts or think the other should burn in hell (one of Jeanne Marie's multiple personalities is a nun). Northstar became the first out gay character in the Marvel Universe but the original creative team wrote him as gay from the start -- the ed team changed and that went out of the window, including the (early eighties) AIDS sub-plot where Jean Paul couldn't stop coughing and trying to cover up how sick he was...

And that's my case for Jean Paul Beaubier being an Omega-Class Mutant.

Omega mutants is one of those undefinable terms that float around the Marvel Universe (about 2004 or so - probably Grant Morrison) for the sort of powers that really start to freak people out...

...like Jean Grey or Kid Omega (that's Quentin - he is so going to regret that when he's collecting his pension. as-if)

Yes, I am a geek and Northstar, being the arrogant, self-serving jerk he is, is one of my favourite characters. He's also the first guy I slashed (and wrote slash about). Well, pretty much.
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