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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

a random quote from quentin

a random quote from quentin

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quentin quire: bad news
“It’s no fun being lonely, is it? You do things you regret when you’re lonely. Act out. Try to hurt people. You’re not a bad soul, I can see that. You just don’t know how to express yourself. You’re different. You’re a mutant. Nobody understands you, sometimes your don’t even understand yourself. If only I knew someone else like that.”

RL is uh interesting right now and fucking boring at the same time, also kind of empty, lonely, scary and confusing. There is also a good parts version, just not today.

I could attack you with my favourite story for small people, but I don't have any small people, "oh, my best beloved [blank]" It is my personal good parts version, there are second-hand goat salesmen in it. Not many fairy stories have them.
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