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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I think Spooky and I are trading horrible life/work events. She's…

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welsh: headdesk
I think Spooky and I are trading horrible life/work events. She's catering (mostly single-handedly) for 100 people today and is so unavailable for the "take Spooky out to the pictures" plan I was going to suggest. I, on the other hand, had a very interesting "work" shift this/last week where we had a school group arrive that nobody had told us about! So, we got 25 random kids and only two kid-capable volunteer/employees*. And they were nursery pupils (so just up to four years below our stated age range) and I had to teach a three-year-old how to do brass rubbing. If I ever find out who the fuck took that booking, it will not be pretty...

So, not only I have had my play-date field-trip cancelled, but also no worky this week for medical assessment and I still can't believe that I am actually longing for work...

...mummyfrog, that movie could be running next week

Seriously doubt so, no Guardians for me. There is only one cinema in town, it has 100 seats and is always showing the show you don't want to see (the Nut Job) and I wanted to do the town next door with its insanely old-school velvet-everywhere picture house just steps away from the shop that sells noxiously-coloured American sweeties (for Spooky).


*Describing the G-Man as kid-capable is a... (honestly) seriously pushing it. He's worked bumbled with schools before but he really doesn't have any of the skills and only survives touch table by handing objects out and asking sir/miss if they'd like to take photographs of kids with big objects
  • Are you sure they booked, and didn't just see online/somewhere that you did school stuff and turn up? You'd be amazed how many unbooked schools we get at work. (You'd also be amazed how many schools don't know how many kids they've brought!)
    • I can totally believe the number of kids problem since we are pay-on-the-day (whenever possible) and I end up doing the pricing/cash voucher/receipt - it almost never matches the booking and that's how we figure out group sizes and staff needed. This gives me and ONL (the base team) trying to teach groups of 17+ which is more than we have kit.

      We got the "we called and the man on the phone said it was okay" line (which we seriously doubt -- there is one candidate and he would have written it in very big letters on the office noticeboard and phoned -- he is a control freak) and we don't do groups that young (with some disaffected seven to eights who had been dumped in the same daycare as their smaller sib) and argh!!!

      I'm just amazed that the G-Man actually caught the ball and figured out a plan (doing the money etc meant that I didn't get a very good view of the sizes).

      Thinking... we have a kids volunteer pool of about four... unless we have dragooned some of the new bodies into it
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