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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Too tired to be tired today. Stayed home from "work" for assessment…

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fraser: lost boy
Too tired to be tired today.

Stayed home from "work" for assessment phone-call thing. Yes. I am still dead. There is a shortage of my meds. Taking lots more pills. More botox later in month (or so). Zzzz

Went to Knit and Natter. Spooky was unavailable for sake of extreme ick. Various (Spooky) family members laid claim to the "Wolverine and the X-men" trades...

...they are a "geek family" - when they first met it rather confused bbd as he uses my (and dosk's) strangeness as conversational material only to find a whole family of strangeness who were *shrug* omnigeeks.

Anyway, (her) dad's look at seeing Glob Herman was spectacular as did his response to archaeology tour holidays. So their strange is our normal and vice-versa. As Spooky says, we have nothing in common (actually we do, but there's a lot of stuff we don't -- cake as a food group for starters)

Otherwise, stitchy and to-do lists. Guess which one I want to do.
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