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Teefury Win!

Okay, when Teefury had its latest "Who Knows" grab-bag thing, I ordered one. [pay $6 and get a random t-shirt] I also ordered the dosk one because I am a nice sister. They arrived today!!! So, I now am the owner of The Game of Time a hideously cute who board-game thing (and playable if bored) and dosk got the much funnier Whovi-Os-Cereal one, featuring the box art for a tasty fish custard flavour breakfast food. *giggles*

Today, brain fried enough to do strange things to my typing.

[If you don't know, Teefury is a nifty little site that sells geeky t-shirts. There are new shirts daily, the hook is that any design is only buy-able on the day, once your 24 hours is up... kiss that cool shirt goodbye. Every so often they clear random overstocks in their grab-bag sales -- they normally run an anything category and a fandom-based one. Those t-shirts of random cost the mighty price of $6 (which still amazes me) and you can get ones that are good or suck. My last one was epic suck. Dosk has been lucky and got amazing ones twice - this and lazy geeky slobby dalek ETA: Thought so! Same Artist.]
Tags: doctor who, fangirling, footnotes longer than post, shop your way to happiness

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