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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Teefury Win!

Teefury Win!

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who: fangirl rose
Okay, when Teefury had its latest "Who Knows" grab-bag thing, I ordered one. [pay $6 and get a random t-shirt] I also ordered the dosk one because I am a nice sister. They arrived today!!! So, I now am the owner of The Game of Time a hideously cute who board-game thing (and playable if bored) and dosk got the much funnier Whovi-Os-Cereal one, featuring the box art for a tasty fish custard flavour breakfast food. *giggles*

Today, brain fried enough to do strange things to my typing.

[If you don't know, Teefury is a nifty little site that sells geeky t-shirts. There are new shirts daily, the hook is that any design is only buy-able on the day, once your 24 hours is up... kiss that cool shirt goodbye. Every so often they clear random overstocks in their grab-bag sales -- they normally run an anything category and a fandom-based one. Those t-shirts of random cost the mighty price of $6 (which still amazes me) and you can get ones that are good or suck. My last one was epic suck. Dosk has been lucky and got amazing ones twice - this and lazy geeky slobby dalek ETA: Thought so! Same Artist.]
  • I love the game of time and dalek one! Procrastinate!!!!
    • It gets better, dosk is a massive dalek fan and spends an insane amount of time drawing dalek plans/schematics/specs by retro-engineering photographs, archive material and screen caps using a lot of maths. And then all his little internet friends go and build them. He breathes daleks - I know more about the history of dalek props than I ever wanted to know. One of the key problems (besides being blown up, dropped off cliffs, attacked by school children...) is that they all broke down for storage and nobody really bothered/thought to match up all the components with the original dalek

      [does that make sense?]
      daleks get stored in bits -- the skirt, the middle and the top: nobody sat down and tried to match all the bits to their original configurations, so you get franken!daleks -- there are dalek bits everywhere and then some get randomly resprayed, blown up, tipped off cliffs, attacked with chainsaws and modded... dosk can identify the original pieces and then track the combinations... so he spends a lot of time talking about body A, collar 3, respray, new accessories, replaced parts...

      I get a lot of this, but he gets a lot of me, so it probably works out.
      • wow i had no idea that daleks stored like that!

        What i would like to know is why daleks started branching out into different colour schemes? i guess they have organic bits that might to be beautified or have a way to recognize hierarchy?
        • I've just asked.

          The practical answer is that they got re-painted to hide as much damage as possible. Gunmetal grey became prominent as it hid everything.

          The 60s dalek movies went for as many colours as possible to show off that the movie was in colour while the tv was black and white.

          In 2005 (the new series) "daleks went bling" (quote) with a metallic bronze finish. And to emphasise their chunkiness.

          edited and approved by brother
          • Thank you for asking!! I've seriously been curious!

            In the next decade I predict rhinestones and glo-in-the-dark for dalek fashion!
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