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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

+++ does not compute +++

+++ does not compute +++

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animal: omg llamas!
My new computer should be showing up tomorrow (not that we'll get it rolling that fast) and we can start fishing out stuff from the Computer from the Black Lagoon (who is frankly unhealthy and has a broken optical drive, a fried graphics card, no bays for a new optical drive and it's one of those awkward big manufacturer cases that only takes their own branded components) and I should get fishing out all my license keys and everything in my opera tabs/speed-dial out where I can rescue them from...*

In other news, I might be taking Spooky out to the pictures tomorrow (waiting for an okay on that one...)

Also, bought my holiday reading for the forthcoming annual migration. This year we are migrating to South Cyprus and looking in tombs etc, doubtless I will find some archaeological monument to fall off.

[read my profile - I always fall off something]
[I got rescued by an really cute/rugged/hot australian back-packer, unfortunately, he was with his girlfriend]

Anyways, what is the discerning insect reading this vacation?

- I think this post is getting a bit long and taxing, so I'm going to put this in a new post without all the IT stuff in it.

*(I might also need a change of browser, the number of sites that bork in opera are getting very annoying -- we seem to be going back to the bad days when everything was "optimized for internet explorer" or "netscape compatible". Hell, the reason I dug and used the earlier firefox builds was because it germinated from the old netscape engine/source code and I had a _thing_ going with netscape (something to do with being reliable, not breaking and easier to use and my college used it as their default browser and I Just Plain Liked It). As firefox got more foxy, I shunted over to opera which was a bit more netscape-y and now clearly somebody out there has given up on nicely written and standardised coding, html 5... yargh!)

(as somebody who studiously wrote her own website code and made it compliant and human-readable and used css and bought in to accessibility and stuff that would work with screen readers etc... babble babble, buzzy being a bitter old woman who hasn't touched her website since the year umph)
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