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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Buzzy Buys Books (say that five times, fast)

Buzzy Buys Books (say that five times, fast)

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Okay, the mass migration of my family is coming up at an undisclosed time.

We shall be spending our holiday on South Cyprus. We will doubtless spend a lot of time on archaeological sites. I will be falling off archaeological monuments.

[see my profile, I always fall off something big and roman/greek/minoan/lycian/turkish. I am very good at falling off archaeological monuments and it is a much anticipated event I don't anticipate, which is why I fall off/over/into things]

So, buzzy bought some vacation reading:

1) The Museum of Hoaxes by Alex Boese, the author of Electrified Sheep. I seriously fangirl ES, which was a chance airport purchase two holidays back. Hilarious, true and educational. Hoaxes goes into (amongst other things) the Italian Spaghetti Harvest. If you're a Brit,you probably know about the spaghetti trees... otherwise... given how exotic spaghetti is seen in 1950s Britain, the idea of it being farmed by Italian peasants didn't sound so far fetched. The programme-makers just didn't expect all the requests for seeds and how viewers at home could grow their own spaghetti.

2) A + X Volume I: Quentin Quire and Teen!Captain America fight miniature Modoks! Iron Fist and Doop team up! Pure joy in panels! Just thinking it makes me feel awesome and sunshiney. *meep!*

3) Hunter's Moon by David Devereux the sequel to a book I read ages ago and have been sticking on my christmas list year in, year out, hoping somebody would buy me it. Again, we've got the Secret Agency that Fights Supernatural Menaces and has Uniquely Strange Operatives. It's just dark (and I mean it, not your normal dark) and the guy can be described as... imagine John Constantine, stick him in the SAS, then throw him into Black Ops and Wet Work until you get a ruthless bastard who doesn't care what gets in the way between him and The Job. Likeable guy. Good with children. Own home and car.

And one I'm not buying

Deadpool Vs Shield My brother (aka dosk) is buying me this for my birthday. It's Deadpool. What else do you need to know?
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