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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

The computer is still still finding ways to fuck up. It still won't…

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quentin quire: bad news
The computer is still still finding ways to fuck up.

It still won't load the Sims, even after a re-install and etcetera.

I wrote some Quentin Quire fanfiction and the problem is that it reads like two different fics at once. It goes from insane and pompous levity to some dark-ish secret origin stuff (based on his claim that he celebrated his 13th birthday by re-writing the lyrics to Oklahoma and then replacing the real lyrics with his "improvements" in the heads of the cast of the school production... mature, real mature Quentin)

What the Hell! Have Some Quentin!

My name is Quentin Quire and I am not a jerk, I am a counter-counter-revolutionary, future ruler of the world and eater of planets and, one day, I shall be worshiped as the great god that I am. I will have a halo and everything. People will dye their hair to imitate my noble hair... I might need to work on that one. I am my own propagandist, because I am a genius and polymath and nobody else would do it right. I write great and nobel speeches in my head when I get bored... about every five seconds around here... for when I win my Nobel Prize, the World Chess Championship and Best Dressed Man in America. I am a very stylish dresser, everyone says I have a style of my own and I make it work. Just because I like fashion and make my own clothes does not make me gay.. so shut up fuckface.
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