little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Still with the down-ness right here. Trying to avoid deep thinking about a)the Future and b) the Present, and obsessing about c) the past

There are upswings (many upswings) so:
  1. Have started the cross stitch project I should had done on holiday except for the bit where the fabric didn't get packed (see, nice neutral blame-free comment) and am doing rather well at it. It's Elizabeth's Jubilee by the Sweetheart Tree (I am a SHT - better acronym please - fan) and I have done the outer section and all the sodding beading (there was beading, there was trauma)
  2. I have new "Wolverine and the X-Men" trades but somehow not read them (as if I don't want more Quentin-goodness
  3. Quentin is the REALLY LOUD ONE with Pink Hair and one of the most fun X-men since what every team needs an anti-capitalist anarchist telepath/telekinetic whose favourite activities are a)mayhem b)unethical telepathy and c)annoying the hell out of people. "Also, a genius"
  4. And I finally have a Quentin / Wolverine and the X-Men Plot Bunny that might actually work - Hallowe'en at the Jean Grey School - What could possibly go wrong?*

Oh and Spooky and I are going on a field trip. I have drunk four diet cokes today

Is there a Quentin Comm?, I wonder. If there isn't Quentin Quire, Kid Omega, Greatest X-Man Ever and future Dark Phoenix demands one and claims the right to write it all.also_genius

*everything - Quentin is being too smart for his own good, Broo is using the party to gain sociological insight, nobody knows where Evan is and Edie... Logan can't find Edie
Tags: caffeinate yourself to happiness, cross stitch blather, plot bunny, quentin quire, x-men fanfiction

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