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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Just getting darker

Just getting darker

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hugh house
The Quentin/Cap thing is just getting darker and darker and I am beginning to get lost in this AU and its own take on events. Quentin was "rescued" by Captain America and Wolverine after the pyshic-pipe-bomb incident -- only not in a good rehab/loving environment. Instead, there is something nasty... a sort of brain-washing, I think, that makes it near impossible to fight an Order - Quentin's "good fight" (or whatever passes for it in a dark AU) isn't about choice, he has no control over it. Just enough illusion of control in his life - stupid t-shirts, sharpies, caffeine and his "school environment" - to make the rest faintly bearable. There is the Obedience and it seems to have been worked/reinforced into his head and not consensually. As the fic goes on, his pretence of independence, the shouting the t-shirts, horrifyingly fades away as the Obedience takes over and he doesn't have any choice in what Cap wants him to do...

A nasty little example: the Stark PsiSecure System that keeps Quentin out of Captain America's head was actually written and tested by him and on him (and trust me, you wouldn't self-inflict the thing on you)
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