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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Tonight's Who: Flatland (no apologies to Mr A Square)

Tonight's Who: Flatland (no apologies to Mr A Square)

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Oh. That was an actually good episode. I am very very surprised. It is actually very very smart and extremely funny. I don't think it is a [Spoiler]spoiler that the Tardis gets shrunk but the Doctor and his attempts to move the Tardis was absolutely hilarious. Rigby gets a lot of love ♥ and even the Doctor is fed up with Clara's duplicity. Thank you, I've been fed up with it for weeks and as the Doctor seems to be making better moral judgements is very disturbing. It is almost as if they're beginning to swap places on the whole Clara/Danny relationship - the Doctor being the concerned worried person an... none of the above made much sense, right?

The Doctor is making better people-related judgements than Clara who seems to be slipping (to the Doctor's horror) into his headspace.

Her "playing the Doctor" is actually more than a little scary. It certainly scares the Doctor. The "she's my carer, she cares so I don't have to" attitude suddenly strikes me as an exaggeration. He's been exaggerating his arrogant/acerbic character around Clara (and everyone else) for impact and his amusement (manipulative bastard). It seems, then, it is coming home to roost - Clara has picked up these traits and has normalised (?) them until...


...assimilated this attitude (the-nobody-has-to-know-about-this-trip one in particular) and is treating it as normal behaviour. While this Doctor lies (mostly to people who end up dead) he doesn't seem to have the *waves hand* for consistent long-term and on-going lying. In the heist episode (which was my previous this-season favourite) he isn't lying more than necessary to do the job successfully (and a little more to plan-in the rescue of the accomplices). Long term duplicitous behaviour doesn't seem to be his thing.

It also makes the "she's my carer, she cares so I don't have to" persona look a little exaggerated on the Doctor's part. Has he got more arrogant or is he just playing for the audience of one (Clara)? He seems to be enjoying his loud crankiness and grand-standing behaviour. This week's final Talk Down actually sounds very 11 - the I am protecting this world thing was his trademark. So maybe less has changed than the Doctor wants to admit.

Key thing: the Doctor is appalled as much as us by Clara's behaviour and has concluded that it is (at least partly) His Fault.

Does he have the skills to fix it? - is both the audience's and Doctor's big question

Plus everything about mini-Tardis. Rocked My Socks.

And Rigby <3. If we are still in the market for a male companion then he seems to be another close-miss - he was on his phone to his mum and the engineer from last episode had a family to go home to... and Clara? Isn't going to have much of anything if she carries on like this. With two characters like this in a row, are they changing the Doctor's "normal" for human relationships?

Title Explained (sort of)Flatland by A Square
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