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This Week's Who: The Teeny Tiny Tardis Episode

Short of saying "the Tardis has shrunk" I'm not going to be talking about plot here. It's the old school buzzy-meta approach.

Some people may have seen an earlier attempt at this post.

Clara, Clara, Clara, What Are You Doing?

When the Doctor starts making moral judgements on human behaviour you should get worried, when they start being right, run for the door. The Doctor says pretty much what the Audience has for most of this season - Clara's shoddy behaviour towards Danny is getting out of hand and getting increasingly emotionally cruel. Danny is - it seems - the man she wanted to spend her life with so why is she still gallivanting around the cosmos? I'm not sure what lie/lies are getting to the Doctor more, but he is worried.

I think the Doctor is beginning to get a better picture of how human relationships work (let's face it, the only parallels have is a couple of couples travelling together and the dysfunctional road-crash that is River Song) and after this episode you can see it. Perhaps...

[turns the review sideways here]
{okay, so it's lifted from the old version of this post}

If we are still in the market for a male companion then Rigby seems to be another close-miss - he was on his phone to his mum and the engineer from last episode had a family to go home to... and Clara? Isn't going to have much of anything if she carries on like this. With two characters like this in a row, are they changing the Doctor's "normal" for human relationships?

{now not lifted from old version of this post}
...and Danny himself, he had somebody to go to/stay for: Clara.

What is really worrying (us and the Doctor) is how Clara seems to be free-falling into the Doctor's "she cares so I don't have to" persona and his opus-operandi of lying (badly) through his teeth as if that would make the problem go away (sorry 12, but 11 cornered the market in that one) and lying to people in mortal terror (who are probably going to die) and showing a disregard for individual deaths (the ones that appalled her so much she "left"). What we do know about the Doctor's tendency for lying: he doesn't do long-term ongoing lies, his are all mission-focused (even if his focus is a bit off) and getting things done (albeit at any cost).

This seems to be one of the things that worries the Doctor about Clara's changes. She spends much of this episode as a Substitute Doctor and her interoperation of Doctor-ish behaviour is freaking the Doctor out. The increasingly worried Doctor...

fuck it, this post is not working - I've been typing for an hour now and still seem to be getting nowhere fast - I think I know what I want to say, but not how to say it.

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